I connect losing weight to restriction, and freedom sounds like so much more fun.  I know there are awesome aspects to losing weight, and I hope and pray they outweigh these challenges.  There are a few things I dread though.


  1. Dealing with cravings. I like to give myself what I want—whether it be carrots or ice cream–when I want it, in the amount I want. So I’m worried about cravings and feeling panicky when I don’t feel like I can fulfill them with what I want at the time.


  1. My mind. I worry about obsessing about health and/or eating. The only time in my adult life that I’ve been at the weight I wanted, I was not in a good place mentally and emotionally.  I was dating someone who was very critical and I lived for his praise.  I worked out until I got headaches, and I criticized myself often.
  2. Feeling unsure. I’ve tried many, many things to become healthy.  I never bought into the fad diets, and I think that’s a good thing. I’ve tried a variety of things over the years though from eating low fat (which got me into eating more sugar and sweeteners) to eating regular fat so I have less sugar. I’ve pushed myself with working out and I’ve worked out an amount I wanted.  I think that I try these things for an amount of time and then I question them and I move onto something else.


  1. Time cooking. I don’t love cooking, and I worry it’ll take longer than I want it to.
  2. Not being able to eat out with my significant other. He loves eating out, and every time I say I’m going to get something healthy, I turn to the burger and fries instead.  I may not be able to eat out for a while.

Peace out (and in),