Peace Out (and In)

Creating Peace Through Self-Reflection and Action


myavatar1Hey there! I’m a wife, daughter, sister, teacher, doggie mama, reader, knitter, dreamer . . . and now a writer. You can call me Jaye, which is part of my given name.

I’m also an idealist, both in Myers-Brigg temperament type and in definition. I consistently “see” how individuals and groups can grow and become more peaceful and caring of one another.

My struggle is that while I see what we, as humans, can be, I also see everything we’re not and how we fall short, which can be painful.

I’ve learned that I remain the most successful dealing with the disappointment and cultivating happiness when I’m reflecting on my life and striving to take action to create that better world.

Can you relate?  If so, check out some posts, Dude!

Peace Out (and In),


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